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6 September 2005

Nawlins in '08!

A National Review editorial makes this curious recommendation:

No single step would go further to dramatize the GOP's commitment to rebuilding New Orleans than announcing now that the party's 2008 convention will be held in the recovering city. Such a move would signal the party's confidence in the Big Easy's renewal, and put it at the forefront of what should be similar commitments from private actors to do their part to help New Orleans come back.

Assuming, of course, there's some, you know, recovery by mid-2008.

Although Reason's Nick Gillespie has a point:

If they really want to help a city "facing a bleak future" "after the Bush administration 'failed' with the initial relief effort" and chock full of logistical problems, how about holding the festivities in Baghdad?

I suspect I'll see the Democrats in East St. Louis first.

(Yeah, I know, I've been a hawk all this time. I still am. But I don't see Baghdad being any more ready for this sort of thing than New Orleans during the time frame specified.)

Posted at 4:11 PM to Political Science Fiction

Baghdad is in a foreign country. A presidential election convention held on foreign soil would send out an "American Imperium" message like nothing else would. This doesn't even work as a joke, much less a "good point."

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:34 PM on 6 September 2005

Whoops, you didn't say "good." Gillespie irritates me -- he's one of those people who seems to think he's the next H.L. Mencken, but he's not even the next P.J. O'Rourke. Most of his witticisms and sarcasms just fall flat. Like this one.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:36 PM on 6 September 2005

No post in 6 hours? I'm getting vaguely concerned. No entry by morning, and I'm coming over!

Posted by: Dan at 10:30 PM on 6 September 2005

And fortunately, we still have the current P. J. O'Rourke.

(Where does it say I'm supposed to follow a clock on these farging things?)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:12 AM on 7 September 2005

You owe me nothing, of course, clockwise. It's just that I'm used to your, how shall I say, prolific posting frequency, so when you go without posting, I worry.

When I go without posting, no one is surprised.

Posted by: Dan at 3:27 PM on 7 September 2005