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8 September 2005

My three cents' worth

A couple weeks ago I brought up the topic of Tulsa's "third penny" sales tax, and suggested that its renewal wasn't exactly a sure thing despite Mayor LaFortune's town meetings to promote it:

Given what's been happening in Tulsa in recent years, I have to wonder if maybe someone in the Mayor's office has figured out that a lot of Tulsans feel the city government is out to screw them over, and the city might well lose that third penny when it expires in July 2006.

One such Tulsan is the Mad Okie:

After hearing LaFortune's ranting at the groundbreaking and later hearing plans to pump yet another 20 million into downtown using 3rd penny funds (specifically the East Village and yet another sports venue) I'm tempted to not vote for the 3rd penny extension ... If the Gov't can't spend our money properly, then it's time to take our money back.

Bobby at Tulsa Topics sees it similarly:

Citizens are the ultimate "checks and balances" of government via their vote. Not only does this include elections for Mayors and City Councillors, but it also includes the choice to continue or not continue giving an additional ... 1% of our hard earned money via the 3rd Penny Sales Tax to the city.

I think for the time being, I want to keep my voting power intact and say nope to making the 3rd Penny Sales Tax permanent.

Two people do not a movement make, but I'm thinking there's a lot more than two out there.

Posted at 4:36 PM to Soonerland

Until I'm able to see a list of projects that will be included under the "3rd Penny Tax" umbrella, I'm reserving judgement on whether I'll vote yea or nea. What I'll definately vote NO on however is anything on the ballot that will try and make the 3rd Penny Tax permanent.

Posted by: Bobby at 4:48 PM on 8 September 2005