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10 September 2005

Called for traveling

The Oklahoman's Berry Tramel is all over the court.

Last weekend:

When horror hits Oklahoma — and horrors have hit Oklahoma — we pride ourselves on our response. Our helping hands, our indomitable spirit.

But the measure of a man is not how he treats his own. It's how he treats others.

And that doesn't mean taking an NBA team off New Orleans' hands. It means opening our arms to its refugees.

This weekend:

The NBA Hornets need refuge, too. It is not improper for [Mayor] Cornett and Oklahoma City to offer the Hornets a place to play the 2005-06 season. Not improper to aggressively promote OKC.

Truth is, the offer is a blessing.

The Hornets, as a franchise, don't need a kind word and a care package. They need a bustling city that wants an NBA team to hang out a shingle. They need a big-time arena with basketball-hungry fans. They need office space and housing and practice facilities. And they need it fast.

What caused this 180? A note from editor Ed Kelley? A promise of season tickets? I have no idea.

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I see your point, but it wasn't a proper "180," exactly, was it? A 180 would have been a complete reversal, along the lines of, "Don't open our arms to refugees, let's get that NBA team instead."

Tramel's progression seems to have been from, "Never mind the Hornets for now, we must help the people," to, "Let's help the Hornets if we can, too."

It's a turn, but not a reversal. More in the ballpark of 90 degrees than 180.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 11:48 AM on 10 September 2005

180 degrees or 90 degrees -- it's still an interesting progression. I bet some city folk did have a talk with Ed Kelly, who, in turn, had a talk with Berry. I still think it's a bit parasitic for the city to make such an effort to snag the Hornets, but that's just me.

I guess there is something to the argument that, hey, they've gotta play somewhere - why not here? I dunno.

Posted by: Chase at 12:18 PM on 10 September 2005

The emphasis has definitely shifted from "Let's give them a temporary home this season" to "Let's give them a new home."

I'm not sure what I think about this, myself. I am not a major NBA fan — if I watch hoops, it's the college variety — and fan support for anything not OU-related around here tends to be on the low side. Sports boosters insist that this is a "major-league" town, whatever that may mean; this may be a chance to prove them right or wrong, and either way quiet them down.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:26 PM on 10 September 2005

If you guys do get the Hornets, please change the team's name to something more geographically appropriate. Then hopefully Charlotte can pull a Cleveland Browns and drop the junior-high-sounding Bobcats and go with the much more appropriate Hornets.

I suppose a new New Orleans Jazz is somewhat out of the question at this point, though...

Posted by: R. Alex at 1:10 AM on 13 September 2005