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10 September 2005

Saturday spottings (space considerations)

She was lovely, she was smiling, and she was driving a refrigerator, so naturally I had to talk to her, and that's why you're getting this report on an appliance-white Scion xB.

The top-selling vehicle at Toyota's youth-oriented brand — the Scion Web site is larded with annoying hip-hop effluvia to remind you of its mission — the xB is unmistakably and unabashedly a box, and Toyota was reportedly surprised that it was outselling its more-normal-looking cousin xA by two or three to one. What's more, its buyers are less likely to be 22-year-olds new to the automotive market than fortyish types who want practicality and don't want to pay out the nose for it.

So it was with this xB owner, who asserted that she could stash nearly as much stuff in the Scion as she could in her Suburban, and what's more, it drinks half the gas. She and the spousal unit prefer the Chevy for freeway duty, mostly because of that road-hugging weight, but most of the time, the fridge is more than adequate, which is a lot more than one expects for $15k right out of the, um, box.

Even feeding Suburbans is a little easier this week, with gas prices falling below $2.70 for the low-suds stuff in some parts of town; I'm not ready to characterize it as a free-fall, but I see a slow dropoff for the next couple of weeks as the Gulf Coast situation becomes less heinous.

Related, this sign on a church in Bethany: EVEN IF WE COULD DRIVE TO HEAVEN WE COULDN'T AFFORD TO GO. This seems a bit pessimistic for a Christian denomination, if you ask me.

There's a club on NW 50th called The Store, which sounds like the opening gambit in a domestic drama. ("Honey, where are you going?" "Oh, just to The Store.") Further down 50th is the Warr Acres line, and I noticed that they haven't updated the signs to reflect the new, higher sales tax — not that I really expected them to.

The west side of the city presumably continues to pick up Spanish-speaking inhabitants: I caught a glimpse of an electronic church sign displaying the word MIERCOLES. Wednesday. Of course. I doubt this is the situation that's causing the death of the Baskin-Robbins east of 23rd and Meridian — proximity to a Braum's is the more likely culprit — but I have no doubt that a lot more changes are in store for this part of town.

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Best bar name ever was in NC... "He's Not Here" - that's how they answered the phone.

Posted by: Kathy K at 7:21 PM on 10 September 2005

Is Baskin-Robbins closing? Has it closed? I have been going there for about 35 years. However, I am not surprised. The recent management has been HORRIBLE! It is dirty, they do their paperwork behind the counter (where cones used to be lined up) and when I asked if they were going to get their west-bound sign fixed, they said they "couldn't afford to." How could they afford NOT to? Now the funny part....I kid you not, this is true....They had several little signs written on plain white paper with a Sharpie around the register. One read: "We cannot make change for any bills over $20. If that is all you have, leave your name and address and we will mail you your change." I am not kidding. I wanted to go in there with a camera and get a picture. Hilarious! So, if it's closing/closed, it is rather sad but I am not in the least bit surprised.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 8:49 PM on 10 September 2005

They're having a "clearance sale"; I presume not all 31 flavors remain available. They'll be gone very quickly.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:05 PM on 10 September 2005

Marble Slab and Cold Stone and the like seem to be, er, eating away at BR31's market, at least hereabouts.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:14 AM on 11 September 2005