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11 September 2005

Phish right at your ear

Today's bogus letter not actually from PayPal claims that the service will now actually call you on your cell phone every time there's a transaction — as "fraud prevention," of course. Needless to say, you're supposed to key in all your PayPal information plus your wireless number to this handy site.

Which site, incidentally, is, owned, says's Whois, by a fellow up in British Columbia, and created, by chance, just yesterday.

Just one more way SMS is becoming the Scammer Message Service, I suppose.

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So not only would the gullible have unauthorized charges on their credit cards, but also 20 million minutes showing up as overages in next month's cellphone statement, many of the calls overlapping and initiated from all over the globe -- and all too many of those originating in the U.S. being to 900 numbers.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:07 PM on 11 September 2005