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11 September 2005

Bush's numbers continue to drop

This Speculum poll spells it out:

[T]he public is not at all satisfied with the president's handling of the crisis. Delegating authority to the appropriate and qualified federal disaster agencies has shown a clear weakness of resolve, and the public would have much preferred if he had spent more time kissing babies in Baton Rouge and less on the phone telling the Louisiana government to get off their asses and do their jobs.

Sample question:

Should the President have parachuted into New Orleans with a 30mm Machinegun and a backpack full of MREs and Evian?

48% No, he might have fallen on an innocent looter.
47% Yes, we want a president who's part Rambo and part Mother Theresa.
  5% Not Sure, but where do I apply for a free $2000 debit card?

(Disclosed by miriam's ideas.)

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It looks like Bush is really suffering badly in the polls. H/t: Dustbury.

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Ha! Sadly this is probably not that far from the truth.

Posted by: Joel at 6:54 PM on 11 September 2005

Didn't you used to have a trackback link on your comment/permalink pages? I just had to go back out to "Main" to find it.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:11 AM on 12 September 2005

Comments, yes; TrackBack, yes; permalink, no.

Note to self: Expand To-Do list further.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:24 AM on 12 September 2005