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13 September 2005

I can name that tune in 10 digits

"What the heck is the name of this song?" Radio formats often don't allow for such trivial details.

To the rescue: 411-SONG. Call them up, pick up your wireless phone, dial 866-411-SONG, wait for the beep, and then hold the phone up to the sound source for at least 15 seconds.

They will send you back a text message with the song's title and artist, and if it's available as a ringtone, they'll tell you that too.

For 99 cents (buying the ringtone, if any, will cost the usual price), this strikes me as a heck of a deal.

(Heard at Lifehacker.)

Posted at 6:18 AM to Entirely Too Cool

I wonder what happens if the song is "867-5309"

Posted by: McGehee at 11:23 AM on 13 September 2005

You know anyone who doesn't recognize that?

Okay, maybe Pope Benedict XVI, but besides him....

Posted by: CGHill at 11:36 AM on 13 September 2005

Man, if they can identify Eric Whitacre's October or Lux Aurumque for Winds, I'd pay $2.

If they ever came on the radio.

It's pretty sad when you forget what your own CDs contain.

Posted by: Matt at 1:07 PM on 13 September 2005