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13 September 2005

Molasses uphill in February

So goes the SQL server today; I timed one actual update at seven minutes, 54 seconds, which is a bit on the slow side.

I suggest that you leave a comment first, then run to Mickey D's, and by the time you get back it should be finished. (One of mine today didn't finish at all: it crashed into one of Matt's.)

Eventually, this will improve, as the serfs at the server farm identify machines that didn't respond at all well to having their plugs pulled.

Posted at 2:56 PM to Blogorrhea

So would this explain why, after I post a new entry in MT, it takes forever for "Your entry has been saved" to appear -- and sometimes it never does?

Posted by: Michael Bates at 4:24 PM on 13 September 2005

Generally, your pages and your database are stored on separate machines. What's happening over here, usually, is the database machine timing out while the script is running.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:26 PM on 13 September 2005

My own server's been running real smooth ever since going to WordPress. (Knock wood.)

But I've found that what slows things down are trackback pings. If I write a post that tracks back to some other site (which I am wont to do on occasion) I am at the mercy of that other site's server, because mine is waiting for a response to the ping. Half the time, it times out.

Posted by: Sean Gleson at 10:04 AM on 14 September 2005

Most of my pings run pretty quickly, with the exception of, which times out eight times out of ten.

Still, if you have more than one, at least in this platform, it waits doggedly for that last ping. (I have reset my time-out settings on occasion, to little avail.)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:56 AM on 14 September 2005