The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

13 September 2005

Rejection notice

State Question 723 is being tuned out faster than NBC sitcoms: as of last look, with about 93 percent of the precincts in, the proposed fuel-tax increase is pulling just short of 13 percent of the vote. My dating record is better than that, though just barely.

Over in District 48, the winner will be someone named Johnson. (At the moment, Connie Johnson has about a 1-percent lead over Willa Johnson.)

Update, 11 pm: It's Connie by 1.4 percent over Willa. SQ 723 pulled about 51,000 votes out of 400,000 or so; assuming the AP's figure of $2 million in the proponents' war chest is kosher, they forked over $39 per vote.

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