The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

14 September 2005

Seasons change, and so do I

You need not wonder why. Besides, Lileks has already identified the phenomenon:

It's a common problem — you find that an artist has a different view on taxation or industrial regulation, and you just don't feel the same way anymore. Happens to me, too. But must I deny myself Wagner because of his appalling anti-Semitism? Must I eschew early Elvis Costello because of his opposition to privatizing the British telecom industry? Look: Many artists are rather ... simple when it comes to politics. Or, to use the technical term, idiots. And many politicians are idiots. Ergo most politicians are artists. Which is why I have Biggy Diq Gephardt's "Amended Rules for Accelerated Depreciation Schedules Pursuant to Da Senatizzle Remix" on my iPod must-play list.

Of course, you can't get anything from Biggy Diq anymore, no thanks to iThunes.

But if you needed persuading that politics is mostly performance art, you need only look at the Roberts confirmation hearings.

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