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15 September 2005

8 simple rules for being President

From "Mother Sally" Allen at

Rule One: When a catastrophe story is real, do NOT wait for the DVD.

Rule Two: One reporter with a satellite truck is worth more than a thousand "photo ops."

Rule Three: Turning off the bad news does not turn off the bad news.

Rule Four: When everyone around you is right, something is wrong.

Rule Five: A career change from equestrian arts to federal emergency management is like trading one end of the horse for the other.

Rule Six: Natural disasters, terror attacks and divorces all produce the same result — somebody's gonna lose a trailer.

Rule Seven: Trading Sammy Sosa is not the worst mistake you could ever make.

Rule Eight: In case of rapture, call the Coast Guard!

Fortunately for me, I will never have to deal with Rule Four.

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