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16 September 2005

A dandy suggestion

How can your oldies station be just a little bit better? DragonAttack recommends more Herman's Hermits:

For some reason they are lumped into the teen idol category when they belong in the decent rock band category. Some groups (Bay City Rollers, Hanson) can be in both categories so why does everyone overlook Herman's Hermits? Is it their groovy lighthearted sound? The fact that four out of five members were teenagers when the first record came out and that Peter Noone remained a teenager during most of their hitmaking years? The fear that if they ever hear "I'm Henry VIII, I Am" again they are going to smash the stereo?

Seriously, what is wrong with Herman's Hermits? Nothing, that's what! They had terrific pop tunes and great remakes of early rock/doo-wop songs. How I wish the radio contained more Herman's Hermits.

You and me both, DA.

Posted at 10:27 PM to Tongue and Groove

Always loved the Hermits. I still listen to them. Some of their songs were among the best of their era.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:56 AM on 17 September 2005

My favorite Herman's Hermits song? No Milk Today

Posted by: Donna at 6:59 AM on 17 September 2005