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17 September 2005

I don't know Jack

But last night's dream, which purported to be a "Celebration of the Life of Jack Nicholson," was truly something to behold.

I'm not sure why I would have gotten an invitation to the Celebration: my name was on the program, listed under the subheading "Sports," which makes no sense. But this combination reenactment and estate sale was amazingly vivid. I had no idea, for instance, that Nicholson, before finding his Muse, had had a career in the design of garden tools. (For you doofus Googlers: He didn't. This is just a dream.) As you might expect, there was a bevy of incredibly beautiful and extraordinarily inaccessible women, although I did strike up a conversation with a short, pneumatic redhead who apparently had written something for Vogue that I had read. And all the detritus of Jack's life was priced to move: I made off with an open-reel tape recorder ($50) and a statue of some Polynesian god ($349) that looked vaguely like, and weighed as much as, an Evinrude outboard motor. There was even a "motivational speaker," a taller version of Edna Mode, or so she seemed, exhorting her audience to live a life with no compromises and no apologies, as Jack had, and as we had seen in the many skits that evening that had been taken right from Jack's own life.

It took a long time to wake up from this one, and the first thing I did once I had motor control was to summon the keepers of Google News to see if, in fact, Jack Nicholson had passed away in the night. He hadn't.

What caused this? I have no idea. But if the distributors of such dreams are planning a sequel with, say, Monica Bellucci, sign me up.

Posted at 7:55 AM to General Disinterest

As Dr. Freud would say -- or Arte Johnson - veeerry interesting.

Sign me up on the Bellucci sequel, too.

Posted by: Chase at 9:43 AM on 17 September 2005

I hope you remember what you were drinking or smoking the evening prior to the dream, 'cause I want some of the same stuff!

Posted by: Winston at 5:58 AM on 18 September 2005

Friday night, nothing stronger than Dr Pepper. Go figure.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:26 AM on 18 September 2005

I've tried to blog my dreams on occasion. Unfortunately, by the time I get to the keyboard, I've usually forgotten them.

All I can say is that Marilyn Monroe is center stage in many of them. It's shocking what she does. And I do recall one dream where Jessica Simpson was a crew member on a WWII bomber that had lost three engines. Everything was thrown out to keep the plane flying. I woke up just when the pilot told Jessica to toss her clothes out.

Chas, it's noteworthy that you are able to remember such detail.

Posted by: mike at 10:54 AM on 18 September 2005

It's seldom I remember this much detail. I think there's a trick to it that's dependent upon the exact moment I wake up, and if I miss that moment, I don't retain anything from the dream.

Not that I'm in control of that exact moment, of course.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:35 PM on 18 September 2005