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17 September 2005

You're listening to Ipana FM

Michael Bates was talking about Bob Wills, but he dropped in this paragraph that resonated with me:

KVOO, 1170 on your AM dial, changed call letters and formats three years ago, and is now KFAQ, on which you can hear me Monday mornings at 6:10. One of KFAQ's FM sister stations kept the KVOO call letters. I wish the AM blowtorch had kept KVOO, too. Given what the letters stand for, KVOO seems appropriate for a news/talk station.

The Voice of Oklahoma aside, the endless rounds of call-swapping annoy the heck out of me. KOMA dropped its nearly-seventy-old identity last year in favor of the not-so-inspired "KOKC," dropping the old calls on the FM dial. Other sets of Oklahoma City calls are now far away from their original dial positions: KEBC, once 94.7, is now 1340; KOCY, which had been 1340, is now 1560; KKNG, previously 92.5, has drifted to 93.3. KOFM, once 104.1, has made it all the way to Enid at 103.1. But none of these latter sets is actually being used by the original owners; it's the radio equivalent of buying the rights to a forgotten brand of toothpaste and hoping someone might remember it.

And a cheer and a fraction to KJYO, which continues to use the "KJ103" branding even though everyone has moved to digital readouts and has presumably discovered that the station is actually at 102.7.

Posted at 8:30 AM to Overmodulation

I agree. I hated it when KATT started adding the dreaded ".5" to their brand :(

And Magic with their ".1"

Have always been eternally grateful that KRXO from the get-go has used "107.7" instead of rounding it off to "108" :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:14 AM on 17 September 2005

I've heard very few stations, even at 107.9, identifying themselves as 108, perhaps because it's the very end of the dial, and who wants to be way the hell out there?

I note with something of a smile that under the SBC Yellow Pages heading of "Radio Stations and Broadcast Cos", there's a listing for "Rock 100 The KATT", over and above the obligatory listing in the K's.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:22 AM on 17 September 2005