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20 September 2005

Yet another fundraising calendar

What is it that makes middle-aged women want to take their clothes off? (Believe me, if I knew, I wouldn't have time to post here.)

Desperate times call for desperate measures, say the librarians of the Outagamie Waupaca Library System in Wisconsin, and so half a dozen of them have doffed their duds in the hopes of luring your dollars. (It started out as a gag, and, well, got totally out of hand; been there, done that.)

The Library System would like you to know that this is not an official project. That said, if you want a copy, send a check for $20 plus $2.50 shipping to Desperate Librarians, E6282 Slough Road, Weyauwega, WI 54983-8843.

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» For cripes sake, keep your shirt on from Tinkerty Tonk
And your pants, too. These nudie fund-raising calendars are getting boring. They've jumped the shark....[read more]

Middle-aged women are bombarded with the message that if you have any inhibitions about taking off your clothes in public, you're not sexy, and therefore you might as well be dead. Of course, that's no excuse for succumbing to the message, but women are no more encouraged to grow spines nowadays than they ever were, in fact, even less so. The character-eroding messages used to be aimed mostly at young women, and a woman who successfully hurdled the barrier of "poor thing, she's an old maid" could become a spinster, a position that at least had a certain dignity attached to it, but now in the interests of egalitiarianism no woman of any age is safe from the demand that she be sexually available at all times.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:12 PM on 20 September 2005

The biggest problem with nude activism, as I see it, is for the tendency for the nudity to overwhelm the activism:

"Honey, there's naked people protesting on TV."

"What are they protesting?"

"I have no idea."

At best, it's counterproductive.

On the other hand, I generally don't assume that someone is positioning herself as "sexually available" by dint of having appeared in a vehicle like this, although it's certainly the case that a number of people will assume that she is. But maybe that's just me, and I have one (twelfth of a) calendar under my belt, so to speak.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:10 AM on 21 September 2005