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22 September 2005

Been there, refused to endure that

It's déjà vu all over again, says Julie Neidlinger:

I'll be curious to see the post-Rita handling of news and press by journalists, since they've already squeezed every tear and used up all the journalistic sympathy tricks they had on Hurricane Katrina. Does Geraldo have it in him to stage more rescues? Do the Germans have more insults to sling our way or are they too busy trying to figure out their own version of Election 2000 to bother looking down their noses this time?

Don't underestimate the Germans. They invented the Mercedes-Benz, which proves they know something about scorn.

The problem with running the public through the emotional wringer is that, on the other side, they're all dried out. Luckily, the Red Cross has gazillions of dollars to work with, and this new disaster should give Kanye West and Jesse Jackson a chance to pee into the wind. Unless, of course, it's mainly white people affected. Then they'll have to get out their stop watches and make sure that the post-hurricane emergency response isn't any faster than after Katrina.

And you can be absolutely certain that they're timing it to the microsecond: West doesn't have much of a track record yet, but Jackson is as predictable as mud after a rainstorm, if substantially less useful.

On the other hand, maybe Sean Penn will bring a boat and a smaller entourage.

I declined to watch any of the Katrina farce on television; I will do the same for Rita, and for any storms which follow her.

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Bill's son (and company)are attempting to get out of Houston-they live next to a bayou and were told to leave. They made twelve miles in four hours yesterday.

Posted by: wamprat at 4:42 PM on 22 September 2005

Which, unfortunately, seems to be about the average speed around there today.

At least they've got a little bit of lead time still.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:45 PM on 22 September 2005