The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

23 September 2005

Insert "down under" joke here

The Burnett Shire Council has proposed establishing a nude beach in Queensland, and not everyone, apparently, is clear on the concept. Council member Gillian Archibald supports the move, but first it had to be explained to her:

"The Free Beach Association came to me and I said 'all our beaches are free', cause I thought they actually meant by the cost," Ms Archibald explains, "but they were talking about clothes free."

But fellow Council member Maurice Chapman sees danger:

"Unadorned worms are preyed upon by birds. Whilst we may be animals we are superior to the others and we need to have human dignity."

I suspect most of the birds will have little interest in the worms on display, but maybe that's just me. And shopkeeper Michael Collins has a point:

"The tourists would be one thing — but friends and neighbours? When you have a look at some of our neighbours here, that's a bit of a scary thought."

The shire's proposal to the Queensland government should be formalized by the end of the year.

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