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23 September 2005

Obligatory Hornets post for the day

(Expect to see this title occasionally, if not actually daily.) sportswriter King Kaufman on what's going on here:

Oh, Oklahoma City! Stand by for culture shock. The NBA is coming to town.

I love that the team will officially be known as the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets, a throwback kind of name that immediately made me think of the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, who had a history every bit as glorious as that of the New Orleans Hornets so far. If I were an older person it might make me think of the New York-Arcola Original Celtics.

It's all so retro. Maybe the NBA can help the mood by figuring out a way to keep from paying the N.O./Okla. City Hornets players their pensions when they get old.

No, he's not cynical. Really:

Once upon a time the Kansas City Kings, no longer splitting time in Omaha, moved to Sacramento. That seemed strange at the time, like the NBA was moving into a minor league town. Of course, it turned out quite nicely.

This move seems even stranger. Oklahoma City? Where the big teams are a Triple-A baseball club and a minor-league arena football team called the Yard Dawgz?

No, not that. What I mean is: Could it really be that the locals might not get screwed?

Only time (as distinguished from Time) will tell.

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If we get screwed, it will only be for 3 million and some change. The media exposure of being a "major league town" if only a year,is worth the risk.

So says this sports-hater.

Posted by: Dan at 5:38 PM on 23 September 2005

Can't we just call them the NOKLA Hornets for the sake of brevity?

Posted by: Matt at 8:08 PM on 23 September 2005