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26 September 2005

Out in the open

A question by Chris Medlock of the Tulsa City Council:

When Governor Henry gives the State-of-the-State Address, he delivers it before a joint session of the State Legislature. When President Bush gives the State-of-the-Union Address, he delivers it before a joint session of Congress. But when Mayor LaFortune delivers the State-of-the-City Address, he gives it to the Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Somewhat shows where the Mayor's priorities lie, doesn’t it?

Well, maybe. The same situation holds in Oklahoma City, where the Mayor gives his speech in January, with one notable exception: the city posted the speech, including some graphs, on its Web site, and broadcast it on tape-delay on the city's cable channel. If I remember correctly, it was also reprinted in full in the Oklahoman, so pretty much anyone who wanted to know what Mayor Cornett was talking about could find out easily enough.

Still, I have to take Medlock's side here:

The proper venue for the State-of-the-City Address is the Francis Campbell City Council Meeting Room. The proper audience is the Tulsa City Council and the citizens of Tulsa, via the gallery and the cable TV audience.

And we should do similarly here, I believe.

(Via BatesLine.)

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