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27 September 2005

Judge Thompson gets an extension

The trial of former judge Donald Thompson has been postponed until November because of a bad call by a sitting judge.

Creek County District Judge Joe Sam Vassar on Friday had started cutting down the jury pool; he'd gotten it down from 300 to 80 or so when Thompson's defense pointed out that Vassar had already removed himself from the case and had no business dealing with the jury. Prosecutors, fearing a retrial on this basis alone, agreed with the defense; Comanche County District Judge C. Allen McCall, who is hearing the case, concurred, and sent home the entire jury.

A new jury will be empaneled when the trial begins on 7 November.

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Posted at 7:42 AM to Soonerland

Good Lord! A second year law student would know better than that ... heck, a paralegal would definitely know better! Not knowing the judge involved it I can only speculate but it sure makes you wonder what was REALLY going on. Judicial stupidity or finagaling? The conspiracy theorist in me screams for the latter but experience has shown me the former should never be discounted ... stupidity in the legal profession is so much more common than brilliant strategy.

Posted by: Ron at 7:52 AM on 27 September 2005

"Judge, when we were talking about judicial oversight, this isn't what we meant."

Posted by: McGehee at 2:40 PM on 27 September 2005