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28 September 2005

Secret Asian man

I thought I complained a lot about the horrors of the dating scene. [You do.—ed. Shuddup.] Jacqueline Passey has an interesting bit about the romantic gripes of the Asian male:

I'd vaguely heard of complaints about interracial dating regarding white women "stealing" black men and white men "stealing" Asian women before, but I didn't realize just how heartbroken and bitter many Asian men felt about this.

And they don't score with the white girls, either, says one fellow:

"It boils down to the fact that most white girls don't even think about Asian men when they picture a 'datable' guy. The Asian guy they know is a nice guy, is polite, can help them with their math homework — but is never somebody they would fantasize about wining and dining them."

Jacqueline (who incidentally is dating an Asian guy) says:

At this point I realized just how much my teenage boy-like taste in movies has probably warped my brain when it comes to stereotyping Asian men — because when I think "Asian guy" I don't think "nice, polite, math tutor" — I think hot, built, ass-kicking kung fu movie star.

The one Asian guy I know best — he worked at 42nd and Treadmill for some years — is definitely closer to the hot, built, ass-kicking side of the scale. (I have no doubt he could kick my ass.) We won't discuss his math skills.

Somehow, things like this make me feel better; being rejected by everyone suggests a refreshing lack of racial considerations.

Posted at 12:10 PM to Table for One

Pacific rim type not generally known for their sexual prowess or equipment dimensions except as diminutive

Posted by: paulsmos at 12:32 PM on 28 September 2005

I've got to agree with Jacqueline, only replace the old kick ass kung fu flicks, with the new Fairy Tale-ish Kick Ass Kung Fu flicks from China.

Posted by: aldahlia at 2:56 PM on 28 September 2005

One of the best scenes in the "Undercover Brother" trailer was when a white guy and a black guy were both ogling this hot blonde walking by, and they looked at each other with the recognition that they had something in common.

All men are horndogs under the skin. I'll take that in place of racial hatred.

Posted by: Bill Peschel at 3:13 PM on 28 September 2005

If black men are after the white women, and white men are chasing Asian women, I recommend you set your sights on black women. Or Asian men.(I don't want to be presumptuous.)

Posted by: MikeH at 4:55 PM on 28 September 2005

The last two black women I had serious crushes on, so far as I could tell, were more appalled by my dorkiness than by my coloration.

And, well, I'm not inclined to pursue guys at this juncture.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:31 PM on 28 September 2005