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29 September 2005

And push a sofa in front of it

The ineffable Page lists individuals who she'd "like to see slapped senseless and locked in a closet until after the recovery efforts are done":

  1. Any celebrity with a pulse — THAT MEANS YOU SEAN PENN AND OPRAH!!!
  2. George Bush
  3. Hillary Clinton
  4. Jesse Jackson
  5. John Edwards
  6. Anyone who works for CNN, Fox News or MSNBC
  7. Several of my coworkers
  8. Howard Stern (Not to be unlocked from closet EVER!)
  9. Ted Kennedy
  10. Geraldo Rivera (Also not to be unlocked from closet EVER!)

You know, some of those people are already senseless.

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9. Ted Kennedy

Make that a liquor cabinet and he won't want to be let out.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:20 PM on 29 September 2005