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29 September 2005

The march of progress

2004: Burger King, NW 23rd and Meridian, with playground for the kiddies.

2005: Burger King, NW 23rd and Meridian, no more playground, but 24-hour WiFi.

New franchise owner David Ostrowe explains:

Our power user is someone that eats 19-plus times a month in a burger place and is between the ages of 18 to 35. We're trying to make our market suited and comfortable to that customer — someone who's maybe in town late at night on business, or who stops off on their way to work, or who is in college.

Hold the mayo on my Whopper, please.

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"Power User?"

Euphemistically speaking, of course.

Posted by: mike at 7:23 PM on 30 September 2005