The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

30 September 2005

Just don't say "beep for bucks"

Despite consolidations and buyouts, Oklahoma City is one of the more competitive banking markets; even big boys like Chase and Bank of America find themselves unable to dictate the terms for the rest of the industry.

Which is probably one reason why Barry Switzer and Toby Keith are pouring some dollars into a proposed new Oklahoma City bank, which will be run by Joey Root, late of Stillwater National and a friend of Switzer's.

Statewide, a lot of new banks, it seems to me, are put together with the express purpose of inviting buyouts by bigger banks; I don't know what Barry and Toby are thinking, but I figure at least they're investing in the local economy.

(To explain the title: "Beep for Bucks," according to the ads, was the process by which you operated the then-new ATM at the infamous Penn Square Bank, headed by Bill "Beep" Jennings.)

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