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30 September 2005

Going nowhere

On the dubious basis that there's no fuel like an old fuel, I long ago got into the habit of combining several short trips into a single longer one, and when I moved two years ago and tripled the length of my commute, it became useful to run errands on the way home. (Running them on the way out is less useful, since it's usually around six-thirty in the morning.)

It didn't dawn on me how much I was relying on this technique until I got home this afternoon, when I noted it was the end of the month and I wasn't going anywhere tonight and duly reset Trip Meter A. (Trip Meter B is reset at every fill-up.) The total for September — the meter was last reset on 31 August — was 610 miles. Twenty-one workdays at 21.2 miles round trip comes to 445 miles and change, which means that I drove only about 165 miles for grocery-getting, Spottings, and other less-than-maximum-imperative trips. At $2.65 a gallon and 24.5 mpg (average for two fills during the month), my non-commuting fuel costs for the month ran less than $18.

I'm sure whatever money I saved got spent on something else, but that's a different issue entirely.

Posted at 5:17 PM to Family Joules

Wish we had some of that cheap gas here in Nashville area. Yesterday it was $2.99 almost everywhere. There has always been a gap of up to 10 cents per gallon between what the BigBrands and the no-names charge. Interestingly, that differential has disappeared. JoeShmoe's Discount Wash Gas station now charges same as the BPs and Shells. Joe is doing quite well, thank you!

Posted by: Winston at 7:25 AM on 1 October 2005