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1 October 2005

Family Fun Fellowship foofaraw

A local public school — I'm guessing in Mid-Del — apparently has been soliciting student participation in activities at a local church, which prompted a debate on a local message board. (I am fairly confident I know which church is involved.)

The principal of the school says he's looking into how the church flyer got into school distribution in the first place.

And that's the problem here: that the school was actually distributing a church flyer, which appears to step over the line drawn by the Establishment Clause. I'm thinking that if they had simply parked a box of flyers in the hallway with a Take One sign, they might have been able to slide, but apparently they sent them home with the individual students, a distribution vector which always suggests Official School Business. ("Make sure you give this to your parents.") I have no problem with churches doing outreach to public-school students, but they can't use those schools as their agents.

(Update, Sunday: It ain't necessarily so. Read this.)

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Hmmm. According to this, the "Pumpkins Arrive September 31, 2005."

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 1:19 PM on 1 October 2005

Is that before or after the Twelfth of Never?

Posted by: CGHill at 1:49 PM on 1 October 2005

That's stretching the "establishment clause" in my opinion. Of course, I come from a day when prayers were said every morning in grade school. I came across my old Linwood Place Elementary School student directory from 1968-1969. Linwood is a public school at NW 16th and Woodward in OKC. On page 2 there is a prayer - I scanned it (just for this comment) and put it here:
Times, they have a changed.

Posted by: Mike Swi... at 2:21 PM on 1 October 2005