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2 October 2005

Bombs away, dream babies

Lan Lamphere, whose Overnight AM radio show used to be carried here on KOKC, questions the official story about the explosion on the OU campus yesterday:

What I find amazing is that the press release that [OU President David] Boren's office has released to the public stated that "Prior to the game, the entire stadium was swept by the expert bomb teams with the help of dogs." Was there a bomb threat that OU didn't take seriously? Is that why the stadium was swept with "expert bomb teams with the help of dogs"?

Logic dictates that two "devices" suggest that two people were involved. A terrorist cell? Why would someone committing suicide using a large bomb to kill themselves just keep another bombing laying around? You know, just in case the first one didn't click off? Itís all premeditated in the first place. That means conspiracy to kill at least themselves if not someone else in the process. But then there's that whole "large bomb" thing we're left to contend with? Why would someone use such a large "device" to take himself or herself out if they were not targeting others to go with them? And when I say a "large bomb" that's exactly what I mean.

My family and I were sitting at home, roughly one mile away from the stadium as a bird flies, when we heard and felt an earth shattering explosion. I was monitoring my hand held amateur radio when the local repeater erupted with chatter about a explosion. It was so loud that people wanted to know if others had heard it. I called the Police who advised me that officers were on the scene and that a explosion had occurred but they would not give any other details. Our house literally shook. The ground vibrated with a deep rolling growling sound. This was a large explosion. Not some mere Pipe bomb put together by a pissed off student. But when I arrived at the stadium to shoot video for a local news station I regularly freelance for, already this was the spin on the story. This was serious business. This bomb was meant to kill not one person, but as many as could be reached in a crowd based on the size and power of the "device" alone.

The explosion apparently took place in the courtyard of George Lynn Cross Hall, across Asp Avenue from the stadium; Boren says [link requires Adobe Reader] there really wasn't a second device.

(Submitted to the Outside the Beltway Sunday Drive.)

Update: The Oklahoma Daily has a roundup of announcements and findings and statements and whatnot here.

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» Terrorist attack at OU game? from BatesLine
A bomb went off outside the OU-Kansas State game at about 8 p.m. on Saturday. Here's the official statement from the University of Oklahoma. Sunday's Daily Oklahoman reports that the bomber and sole victim was Joel Henry Hinrichs III, a junior. A cache......[read more]

Check out this dood. He's a nut.


Posted by: duncansooner at 3:23 PM on 2 October 2005

I saw similar stuff on his radio-show site.

Then again, as the phrase goes, Chicken Little needs to be right only once.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:34 PM on 2 October 2005

Michelle Malkin links to this:
Some valid questions that should be answered.

Posted by: Mike Swi... at 4:29 PM on 2 October 2005

Lanny Lamphere? I thought the loon had faded into obscurity. At least he's not harassing the storm chasing community anymore.

Posted by: Jeff Lawson at 4:58 PM on 2 October 2005

Maybe this is his grab for the plastic (forget brass) ring.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:29 PM on 2 October 2005

I live a stone's throw from the stadium. I do the parking thing. We were inside my house and did NOT hear any unusal blast. Nothing shook the windows etc. other than normal stadium noise. We did have some music on but not very loud. It was nothing like the OKC bombing.

First word we heard of something was up was when a friend's sister called from the game saying the cops were not letting her out at half-time. She asked what was up, check the news etc and call back. We saw nothing on the news (TV or Radio), heard no cop sirens, etc. By the time we talked to her again, the rumors were incrediable. Multiple suicide bombers in the crowd. Car or maybe a bus bomb defused on the South Oval. Snipers being set up, troops moving into Norman. Crazy stuff.

I did hear a blast this early AM but that was supposed to be more controlled explosions. I drove by the guy's apartment about 8am Sunday morning and it was all taped off with multiple cop cars and other offical looking SUV's.

I don't know much else but I know that the rumors fly fast and wild starting about 1/2 time.

Take what you read/hear with a LARGE grain of salt.


Posted by: This&That at 9:24 AM on 3 October 2005

President Boren's connection to terrorism and the CIA is pretty deep. Someone needs to start talking. This stinks.....
How Many Jihad Terrorists Spent Time in Oklahoma?

Here is the summary:

(1) Two 9/11 hijackers, Mohhammed Atta and Marwana al Shehhi, toured the Airman Flight School at OU's Westheimer Airport in July 2000. Atta and another man thought to be Al Shehhi met with Zacarias Moussaoui in an Oklahoma City motel in August 2001.

(2) Moussaoui, reported by French Intelligence to be a high-ranking member of Al Qaeda, was in Norman from February to August 2001. He was enrolled in the Airman Flight School until May, and lived in OU housing for part of the time.

(3) The Wall Street Journal reported that Moussaoui convinced OU engineering student Hussein Al-Attas to join the jihad in Chechnya; 26 Al-Attas drove Moussaoui from Norman to Minneapolis to attend another flight school; later Al-Attas admitted that he was aware of Moussaoui's jihad activities.

(4) Two 9/11 hijackers listed home addresses in Tulsa; Fayez Ahmad listed the address of Spartan School of Aeronautics as his home address; Mohammad Ahmad Al-Ghamdi listed his home as an apartment complex in Tulsa. 27

(5) Hijacker Nawaf Al Hazmi visited the Oklahoma Al Qaeda cell in April 2001 and was cited for speeding on I-40. He also attended the January 2000 Al Qaeda meeting in Malaysia.

(6) An unidentified Al Qaeda member or collaborator purchased an airline ticket for a 9/11 hijacker on a public computer terminal at the OU library. A link to details about this event is in the final section of this article.

Posted by: Shelly Stone at 12:35 PM on 5 October 2005