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3 October 2005

Render unto Sears the things that are Sears'

If you work for Sears, says Sears Holdings chairman Aylwin Lewis, you do not carry a competing store's shopping bag onto a flight for which Sears is paying.

Sears has been running a shuttle between Detroit and Chicago for employees at the old K mart headquarters at Troy, Michigan, which is being phased out as a cost-savings measure in the wake of the K mart/Sears merger.

Lewis also asked employees to get Sears credit cards if they don't have them, to visit Sears-owned stores "three to four times a month," and to make friends and relatives and neighbors more Sears-conscious.

In the wake of the Sears announcements, and any rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, Sonic chairman Cliff Hudson has not actually ordered that any Sonic employee seen in a Braum's parking lot is to be shot on sight.

Posted at 1:06 PM to Dyssynergy

When I worked for Fleming Foods, we were 'emcouraged' to shop in Fleming supplied stores. As my Lovely Wife once said, "They don't pay you enough to be able to shop there."

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 2:14 PM on 3 October 2005

In Bartlesville in the '60s, it was rumored that Phillips Petroleum Company had spies stationed to see and report any employee buying gas from the competition. The story was that this is what the company's championship "amateur" basketball team did in the off-season.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 9:10 PM on 4 October 2005