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4 October 2005

It could have been

Greg Hlatky is contemplating changing the name of A Dog's Life, a step that one does not take lightly.

I myself have been through this once already: this site was established as Chez Chaz in 1996, and retained that name until the domain was acquired in early 1999. I'd been using "Dustbury, Oklahoma" as a pseudonymous location practically from Day One, and it seemed logical that I should adopt some version of it as a domain.

But you should have seen some of the names I threw away:

  • Girthwatch
  • Fnord Fnocus
  • Instaputz
  • Site Unseen
  • Ghoti
  • Deeply Superficial
  • Henry Fondue
  • 163,216
  • Odi et Amo
  • Fdisk

And some were actually worse.

Addendum: I found my Site Unseen logo buried in the archives.

Posted at 6:21 AM to Blogorrhea

163,216? I don't get it.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 2:57 PM on 4 October 2005

Now you know why I didn't use it.

It's 404 squared.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:41 PM on 4 October 2005

Several friends and I have noted that, had our alma mater retained its original name, we probably never would have even considered going there. And thus, never would have met, never would have settled where we did, and so on.

With regards to that list of yours... well...

Image is everything. Keep on dustin'.

Posted by: CT at 8:53 AM on 6 October 2005