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5 October 2005

All generalizations are false

Including, of course, that one.

One item within the 75k or so of rotating boilerplate that appears in the "It Is Written" section reads: "Man loves little and often, woman much and rarely."

Girlfriday finds this statement questionable, and it might well be. For myself, I can say only that my experience in that baffling man/woman stuff is not likely to produce any words of wisdom.

(Who said it originally? I don't know. It's on a few quotation sites, always credited to that legendary deep-thinker Anonymous.)

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dustbury obscure? ... holy misnomers!


Posted by: Ron at 2:12 PM on 5 October 2005

Well, I'm hardly a household word. (And I'd be wary of any household in which I was.)

Posted by: CGHill at 3:49 PM on 5 October 2005