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5 October 2005

High impact

From Double Take in the current Urban Tulsa Weekly:

How they know this already is beyond us, but a study released by Oklahoma City officials indicated that the relocation of the New Orleans Hornets to the Ford Center will generate an additional $57 million to the state's economy.

If that seems a little high, it is.

Consider that the Hornets will play 35 games in OKC this season.

Last year, the team's average attendance was 14,421 per game in New Orleans, or about 505,000 total.

Figure the same number come to the Ford Center, and that means to reach the $57 million figure, each one of those 505,000 will have [to] spend the equivalent of $113 each game.

To put it another way, to accept the estimates, you'd have to believe that a family of four is going to spend almost $500 for, say, a Hornets-Clippers match-up on a Tuesday night in March.

Just how expensive are hamburgers in Bricktown?

Actually, it's the parking that gets you, not the burgers.

Here's where the numbers come from, for the curious.

Posted at 2:36 PM to Net Proceeds

I wonder how long it'll take before someone starts referring to them as NOOKCies. :)

Posted by: unimpressed at 6:02 PM on 5 October 2005

Tulsa's just jealous.

Posted by: Dan at 11:08 PM on 5 October 2005

Let's see.
San Diego Gulls minor leauge hockey game:
Lower bowl seat 12-15 dollars. Call it 24 for two people.
4 beers (each person) 24 dollars
Nachos 6 bucks.
Parking : 6 bucks

So that's about $50 per person to attend an ECHL game. An NHL game with worse seats costs nearly tewice as much per person. An NFL game costs probably three times as much.

I'd guess the cost of an NBA game is about in line with an NHL game, maybe a little more. $113 per person isn't out of line to see a major league sports game.

if you have a family, add in all the time you spend in the bathroom because the kids just drank four Cokes and are sick from the nachos besides?


Posted by: Matt Navarre at 2:10 AM on 6 October 2005

Worth mentioning: The study, performed while the deal was still being negotiated to bring the team to Okc, was based on 41 home games rather than the 35 that actually will be played here.

They figured concession sales at $7.50 per person per game, with 30 percent of that going to the team. Merchandise sales were estimated at $4 per person per game.

They were also counting on $8 million in corporate underwriting.

Posted by: Don Mecoy at 11:25 AM on 6 October 2005

They might well get that $8 million in corporate; I have to admit, I get chintzy myself when it comes to merch.

My major concern, though, is making enough to cover the city's guarantee.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:25 PM on 6 October 2005