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8 October 2005

Assembling the pieces

As evidence goes, there is circumstantial, and there is really circumstantial.

This paragraph in an Oklahoman story is instructive:

Hinrichs lived near [an] Islamic mosque, had a roommate from Pakistan, had other explosives in his apartment and had tried to buy ammonium nitrate two days before the attack. Those circumstances as well as some news reports have fueled public concern that the bomb was part of a larger plot.

The reporters have arranged these, it appears, in increasing order of relevance.

Living "near" the mosque, for instance, is no big deal: it's located fairly close to the University (on George Avenue), so lots of students are in the vicinity, and no one seems to recall ever seeing him there anyway.

In my experience, finance types (like Hinrichs' roommate) tend to be fairly apolitical, but none of the finance types in said experience were Pakistani (like Hinrichs' roommate), so score this as a slight possibility, but no more than that.

There's still the question of what he wanted with this humongous cache of explosives, and anyone who knows anything about the Oklahoma City bombing knows about ammonium nitrate. Unfortunately, for the moment, the answer to this question was washed off the side of a bus with a hose.

Posted at 9:06 AM to Soonerland

He liked to blow things up. Maybe he wanted a bigger boom, but the fact remains that he didn't get the ammonium nitrate. Things worked just as we'd hope.

Sometimes a suicide is just a suicide.

Posted by: Matt at 10:35 AM on 8 October 2005

I'm hoping you're right.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:42 AM on 8 October 2005

I understand one reason he didn't get the ammonium nitrate he wanted is because Ellison Feed and Seed doesn't sell it.

Posted by: MikeH at 10:53 AM on 8 October 2005

Which leads to the next question: did he try anywhere else?

Someone posted a comment elsewhere (might have been Okiedoke, come to think of it) to the effect of "Why do we like to blow stuff up in this state?" Heck, I don't know. I'm more of a plinker than a heavy-ordnance person myself, and maybe it's more stereotype than actual data, but I'm starting to think it's Fourth of July nostalgia: I have a six-year-old (almost) grandchild, and never have I seen him smile so much as when he was getting his chance (supervised, of course) to mess with the fireworks.

Then again, he lives in Missouri.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:59 AM on 8 October 2005

Video of David Boren's press conference and Lan Lamphere's on the scene video. MUST SEE

Posted by: JoshW at 1:45 PM on 8 October 2005