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11 October 2005

Where you won't find lottery tickets

Pawn shops, cash-advance and check-cashing storefronts in Oklahoma will not be selling lottery tickets; the Oklahoma Lottery Commission has so decreed.

In a separate action, local 7-Eleven stores have decided not to carry the tickets, reasoning that keeping that much cash on hand is not something they want to do.

Approximately 1200 stores will be selling the tickets starting tomorrow, about a third as many as the Commission had hoped.

Addendum: Bubbaworld points out:

Neither Governor Henry or the concerned lawmakers have announced any plan to deter financially strapped Oklahomans from purchasing lottery tickets at a convenience store next door or down the block from a pawnshop, payday loan company or check-cashing store. But give them time and they will probably propose some silly kind of "distance restriction" wherein convenience stores, gas-stations and other merchants within a specified distance of the businesses today prohibited from selling lottery tickets are also banished from their sales.

I wouldn't put it past them.

Posted at 3:19 PM to Soonerland

Yeah, well 7-Eleven stores in Colorado carry them.

Posted by: Mel at 4:05 PM on 11 October 2005

Oklahoma 7-Eleven stores are a separate franchise and go pretty much their own way.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:11 PM on 11 October 2005

Chaz, Are the 7-11 stores around here still the Southland Corporation? I know this - whenever I travel I see nice, modern 7-11 stores, but the stores here are stuck in the eighties. The corporate stores (out of state) have progressed to being upscale convenience stores.....but not here.

Posted by: Mike Swi... at 4:45 PM on 11 October 2005

Oklahoma 7-Elevens are not owned by Southland, but use the trademark under license. (Which explains why you don't see the Slurpee around here; the local stores aren't licensed to sell it.)

More here.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:20 PM on 11 October 2005

Our esteemed legislature just passed the welfare tax (read: lottery) here a couple of months ago. After a fifteen year battle. The biggest argument for it seemed to be that we were the only state on the east coast without one, and all "our" dollar bills were going to surrounding states! The horror!

It's going to be a feeding frenzy here when they print the first scratch off ticket.

Posted by: Jennifer at 8:10 PM on 11 October 2005