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11 October 2005

New shoes for Sandy

Sandy, you may remember, is my most faithful companion, my modest little Mazda sedan, and today she was fitted with a whole new quartet of tires.

I have yet to explore the outer limits of their performance — it's seldom wise to do so on fresh rubber anyway — but the Dunlops seem to have plenty of stick, and while I didn't install a soundmeter in the car, I'd guesstimate they're about 1.5 to 2 dB quieter than the OEM Bridgestones, which at 65 mph is quite noticeable.

And three cheers for A to Z Tire at 10th and May, who installed these donuts this morning in about 45 minutes, and who apparently didn't have to rush to do it: their service envelope (free rotation every 7500 miles) contains a couple of cryptic notations which turned out to be the factory-recommended figures for air pressure (32 psi) and lug-nut torque (85 lb/ft). (And no, they didn't use an air wrench; I watched.) The Tire Rack has a feedback system to rate its installers; these guys were already at the top of the heap, but one more round of praise won't hurt.

Oh, and incidentally, my projection of $100 in installation cost was way high; including the state waste-disposal fee, the tab came to $72.50, bringing the total for all this stuff to just under $340. Not bad, and I shouldn't have to do this again for at least four years.

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My observation is that the absolute pinnacle of customer service will be found in a tire or lube outlet. Those folks seem to have actually read (and understand) the Cluetrain Manifesto.

I almost look forward to my every-3,000-mile visits to the local AvisLube. (Now, if they'd only install wi-fi instead of making me connect via ethernet...)

Posted by: Eric at 5:57 PM on 13 October 2005