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20 October 2005

The old begging bowl

Twice a year, public radio goes through its fundraising ritual; once a year, I send my check and then shut the thing off for a week so as to avoid it. KGOU is passing the hat this week, and KCSC will follow shortly.

Pledge Weeks are the bane of the listener's existence, to be sure, but there's no real alternative yet: relying on the government dole is unacceptable, and "underwriting" announcements are verging awfully close to real live commercials these days. (The operative word, of course, is yet.)

So I kick in my small contribution and grumble. It's basically the same dynamic that prevails when I pay my taxes.

Posted at 7:25 AM to Overmodulation

I've solved that problem. I don't ever listen, and I don't give them money either.

There was a nice public radio station in New Jersey that had pledge week every other week. Them I would give money to. To shut them up, and get back to playing jazz.

Posted by: miriam at 9:16 AM on 20 October 2005

Although I bleed Crimson & Cream, it's worth noting that KOSU, now with a stronger OKC signal, is also fund-raising this week.

Sometimes they do silent pledge drives, and that always makes me happier, but not this week.

Posted by: Matt at 10:13 AM on 20 October 2005

I too love public radio and KOSU is the pick for me. I hate their begging too but since I have a choice it wont be to give KGOU a dime because their station manager is such a $%*#@M!@( snit.

Posted by: Ron at 10:34 AM on 20 October 2005

During those two pledge weeks I generally tune in the News!TalkRadio!ALL THE TIME! station. I choose to endure the ranting, the whining, the half-logic, and the opinions of many of the callers and commentators because I get a brief chance to actually hear what people who don't think or vote like I do are obsessed with. Generally I'm left with the impression that the culture gap that exists in this country is much wider than I ever imagined, and that that great gulf is not closing any time soon.

Posted by: vic at 11:00 AM on 20 October 2005

Someone somewhere must have a kind word for Karen Holp.

I know KOSU has beefed up its coverage area lately, but they're not going to be the dominant NPR station for me, since they don't make it into 42nd and Treadmill. (I can barely get KTOK in here, which some might consider a bonus.)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:01 AM on 20 October 2005