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20 October 2005

Good old skinflint Tom

I tweak Tom Coburn from time to time for being just a trifle ideo-illogical (and if that wasn't a word, it is now), but he does exemplify one characteristic I respect in a politician: chintziness.

His amendment to the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development appropriations bill will reallocate the $220 million for an Alaskan bridge (sometimes, not entirely fairly, derided as the "Bridge to Nowhere") to Katrina relief. And I have to agree with Mike Krempasky:

Friends, this is as easy a call as I've ever seen. If Republicans aren't willing to step back from this idiocy in Alaska to fund the needs in Louisiana — they don't deserve anything more than a snicker next time they try to describe themselves as the party of limited government.

Actually, I think they're probably close to that point already, but I figure the GOP will put up one hell of a fight to keep that bridge, not so much because they care about a handful of Alaskans, but because they, like the Democrats before them, greatly enjoy the ability to hand out taxpayer dollars and see it as the key to reelection.

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And Charles Hill invented it: "ideo-illogical." As Charles said, "If that wasn't a word, it is now." Why can't I think up cool new words like that? (I need to find out what Charles is on, and get me some.)......[read more]

I believe it was Alexander Tytler who predicted that democracy would fail when the voters discovered that they could vote themselves funds from the public treasury. Another great thinker on politics, Garet Garrett, went further. He noted that the course of redistribution is set in stone. At first, people are uneasy about subsidies, and resist them. After they've accepted them for a while, they come to expect them. Shortly after that, they regard them as a basic right, and demand still more.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 4:31 PM on 20 October 2005

I referenced the Tytler quotation here; there is apparently some doubt as to its parentage, if not to its veracity.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:05 PM on 20 October 2005

I'd like to point out that I loved Tom Coburn when Tom Coburn wasn't cool.

I knew he would come through for me despite his apparent er.. impolitic remarks, from er.. time to time.

Posted by: Dan at 10:34 PM on 20 October 2005