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21 October 2005

Oil things bright and beautiful

During this year's World Tour, I wrote about Pennsylvania's Oil Heritage Festival, and noted semi-snidely that such a thing would never happen here: "Oklahoma is far too embarrassed about its own oil patch ... we'd like to think we're so over that."

Perhaps I spoke too soon. Devon Energy has put up half a million bucks for the construction of a four-acre oil-patch exhibit at the new Oklahoma History Center northeast of the Capitol, which, when it's finished, will start off with a replica of the 1905 derrick at the Glenn Pool south of Tulsa, the state's first major oil field, and cover a whole century of drilling and exploration.

The Oklahoma exhibit apparently won't be as big as the Kansas Oil Museum in El Dorado, which I visited in 2001, but I'm happy to see this state making some sort of acknowledgement of the importance of the oil industry in some way that doesn't boil down to another package of tax subsidies.

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You shamed them into it.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:47 AM on 21 October 2005