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22 October 2005

Love is in the air

Or maybe it isn't. My capacity to judge the condition of the atmosphere is no better than anyone else's, and surely poorer than some.

Then again, I was sitting at a stoplight today behind a black minivan, and the couple therein, in between exchanging words and/or glances, were exchanging brief kisses. This is not something I see particularly often, else I wouldn't have noticed it. I also noticed, mounted on the tailgate, a set of five of the standard-issue Christian fish emblems, two larger ones leading three smaller ones, which I took to be an echo of biological reality for this couple, in which case it's yet another indication that columnist Mark Morford, who for some reason thinks Christians "asexual," is unusually clue-resistant even by the standards of moonbattus barkus sanfrancensis. (Dear Mark: You don't have to worry. You can't be busted for sodomy, even in Oklahoma, for having your head up your ass.)

A couple hours later at the supermarket, and here's a sixtyish couple holding hands as they stride (well, maybe "stride" isn't the right word) across the parking lot.

I never know what to make of what the school administrators have dubbed "public displays of affection." On one level, I want to hurl; on a deeper one, I curse myself for being insufficiently demonstrative, overlooking for the moment the inconvenient fact that there is no one for whom I can perform any such demonstration in the first place. What I can do, though, is fake a smile, put up a brave face. And if that face isn't enough, there should be nineteen others available.

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Charles, from what I know of you, a good woman in the right age range would be pleased and proud to make you her own. Consider this a Priority One command, superseding all lesser dictates, directly from the Curmudgeon Emeritus: Go thou forth!

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:18 PM on 22 October 2005

moonbattus barkus sanfrancensis is, I believe, merely a geographically limited subspecies of moonbattus starkravingus tookleaveofhissensis

Posted by: McGehee at 7:40 PM on 22 October 2005

"Go forth"? I'd be content with "come second."

Posted by: CGHill at 7:07 PM on 23 October 2005