The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

24 October 2005

The early line

We're starting to accumulate candidates all of a sudden, and so far, this is what I'm thinking:

Governor: If it comes down to Henry vs. Istook, as I suspect it will, it's an easy preference for Henry.

Lt. Governor: I like Nancy Riley, but I'm leaning slightly toward Jari Askins right now. I think I've seen enough of Todd Hiett.

House District 5: Unless the Democrats manage to find someone with something resembling throw-weight — the Fifth has long drawn sacrificial lambs — I'm inclined to go with Mary Fallin. Then again, the true joy of this race comes from not seeing Istook on the ballot.

Caution: with a whole year still to go, almost anything can happen.

Posted at 7:51 PM to Soonerland

I agree with your pick for governor. And also concur with your opinion of Hiett, though still have a lot to learn about the others. As far as the Fifth District is concerned, I consider an opinion now to be extremely premature conjectulation.

Posted by: MikeH at 12:17 PM on 25 October 2005