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26 October 2005

Slipping into the future

Matt Rosenberg waxes lyrical about Savoy Brown's Street Corner Talking, and notes that "this is a 60s album, as the 60s didn't end until Dec. 31, 1971. I assume, perhaps blithely, that everyone knows that."

I don't expect Michele to go along with that particular date, but I suspect that most of us define our decades by something other than strict calendar entries. For the record, here's where my decades begin:

1950s:  25 June 1950
1960s:  22 November 1963
1970s:  4 May 1970
1980s:  20 January 1981

It is a measure of something, I'm sure, that I've given no thought to where the 80s shift into the 90s. The double-oughts, though, surely must begin on 1 January 2000.

Where are the markers on your timelines?

(Addendum, 9 am, 27 October: Lynn S. specifies hers.)

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