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27 October 2005

From the Department of Major Upgrades (2)

I reprint (minus links and comments) this September 2004 item in full:

Tropos Networks has built a number of Wi-Fi systems for public-safety use, but they've never tried anything this big: a wireless network for the city of Oklahoma City, 600-plus square miles of spectacularly-irregular polygon.

The new network, which should be fully operational by the end of next year, will cost around $5 million. And no, there will be no public-access hot spots, at least at first.

Or maybe there will: Mayor Cornett is saying that while they're testing the public-safety network, the city will look into partnering with the private sector to set up a Wi-Fi hot zone centered on downtown. The Chamber of Commerce is already looking for those partners.

The proposed hot zone stretches along the Oklahoma River from the Reno/Meridian corridor to just east of the Capitol; it would include OSU/OKC, State Fair Park, the Stockyards, downtown, Bricktown, and the Health Center area.

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