The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

27 October 2005

Still more strange search-engine queries

Here we go again:

does Connecticut have anything to do with taxation:  Yes. They love it.

motown bluegrass roe wade:  I'm not even going to pretend to understand that.

"brazilian bikini wax" statistics:  About the width of — um, never mind.

+codpiece +steel +16th:  I don't think I'd wear that on 16th. Or on 36th, for that matter.

how to write catchy ads about aluminum:  Difficulty: No "foiled again."

brian damage from withdrawal:  So don't withdraw Brian.

why are hornets in oklahoma city:  We also have wasps, and the occasional bumblebee.

can you start a sentence with a proposition:  And finish one, too.

whatever happened to the transylvania twist:  It's now the Mash. (It's now the Monster Mash.)

Posted at 8:56 PM to You Asked For It

Heh. 'Brian damage from withdrawal'. Love it.

Do I dare call you on your grammar search query comeback?

Posted by: Vickie at 5:22 AM on 28 October 2005

You can, but it probably wouldn't do any good. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 6:22 AM on 28 October 2005

Damnit. I hate you.

You just KNEW I misread it and thought that said "preposition", didn't you, with that reply.


Posted by: Vickie at 1:51 PM on 28 October 2005