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28 October 2005

She thinks your tractor's sexy

Ann Althouse, motivated by this New York Times piece, asks: If you're concerned about your sex appeal, what should you drive?

Of course, I don't actually have any sex appeal, but such considerations play little or no role when I seek to acquire a vehicle; my primary goals are to get from Point A to Point B with as little drudgery as possible, consistent with the amount of money I have to spend, and to attract the least possible attention from the gendarmes along the way. For the past five years I have driven a Mazda 626 sedan in Damn Near Invisible Beige, which is lacking in smoky-burnout potential yet handles the twisty bits with considerable (for a front-driver) aplomb. It has scored me no babes, but then I don't expect it to.

(Via the happily-attached Fritz Schranck.)

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Chaz, you're Sean Connery compared to me: I don't drive anything. I ride with Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Posted by: Tatyana at 8:52 AM on 29 October 2005

Which calls to mind that classic Las Vegas joke: "I arrived in a $500 car and left in a $40,000 bus."

The advantage of the transit system, of course, is that it's exceedingly democratic: you pay the fare and off you go, and the number of digits in your MasterCard limit is irrelevant. Trying to impress someone on the train strikes me as a fairly difficult proposition.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:11 AM on 29 October 2005