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29 October 2005

How 1 percent of the other half lives

All sorts of interesting things in the November Harper's Bazaar, but the one destined to draw the most controversy, I suppose, is the 12-page Rolex ad with a number of expensively-dressed (of course) women who presumably are not freezing their size-2 behinds off despite being stuck on a glacier.

Mere incongruity, though, matters not. What caught my eye, apart from various expanses of flesh, was this tagline:


Not that any of us would ever take this personally.

Yeah, yeah, I know, just having a little fun with the patriarchy. Fine. If it takes you a bauble that costs as much as a three-year-old Toyota to provide you with that fun, I have no objections. Just don't plan on sending me the bill, 'kay?

Posted at 8:57 AM to Table for One

Imagine the (entirely appropriate) uproar that would have occurred if Coors or Michelob had used a similar campaign, replacing the first sentence with "Beer cans are like a woman's spirit". Both would be wrong.

Posted by: hatless in hattiesburg at 2:33 PM on 29 October 2005

That last sentence should have read "Both ADS would be wrong." - the uproar would be right.

Posted by: hatless in hattiesburg at 2:36 PM on 29 October 2005

The ad is vile.

Anyone who gets his jollies out of demeaning, degrading, or humiliating another human being had better keep his hands in plain sight and move very slowly around me. I tend to shoot first and look for mitigations later.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 4:02 PM on 29 October 2005

I didn't find it particularly demeaning, but it is, of course, yet another indication that the soi-disant Culture Arbiters are still stuck on "Men = Bad," which is more annoying than offensive, at least to me.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:29 AM on 30 October 2005

Well, if a man's ego could be crushed by the sight of a girl wearing Rolex he can't afford...all I can say: there'll always be someone with shinier toy around, kid.

On the other hand, some people retain mental make-up of 13 y.o. even in their 50's.

I'm picturing Mr.Porretto in the center of fire zone, taking an aim to every better equipped individual who dares to bragg about his/her posession. Well worth the effort, surely.

Posted by: Tatyana at 12:49 PM on 31 October 2005

Well, it's not like FWP lives in a refrigerator carton off the Long Island Expressway: he has his own creature comforts, I'm sure. But I'm also sure he doesn't define himself by reference to their presence.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:08 PM on 31 October 2005

Not being a reader of Harper's Bazaar I can't judge for myself validity of your impressions, still I wouldn't say for certain the girls (or intended target audience) of the ad define themselves by reference either.

Just like I wouldn't define myself by looking at the models' size 2 derrieres and call them "demeaning, degrading of humiliating" to me.

Posted by: Tatyana at 1:47 PM on 31 October 2005

Oh -- it's the fact women are wearing Rolexes that's supposed to crush egos?

And as a man, my ego is supposed to be this fragile?

Tatyana, I think you've looked too shallowly into Fran's comment.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:31 PM on 1 November 2005