The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

30 October 2005

Nor are we broke, apparently

City government, crediting "careful fiscal management and some lower-than-expected costs," apparently finished the 2005 fiscal year (which ended 30 June) with $40 million in the General Fund actually unspent.

And they're going to spend $2.5 million of it on some street-resurfacing projects and sock away most of the rest for subsequent years. Given the condition of some of the streets in question — 63rd from Pennsylvania to May is utterly horrid — I think I'd forgive them for pulling another million or two out of the bag and taking on some other lumpy thoroughfares (like, say, 63rd from Pennsylvania to Western, or maybe 36th from Kelley to MLK).

Posted at 5:40 AM to City Scene

I agree wholeheartedly with your suggestions on where the "extra" money could go. I've often wondered how 63rd, which borders one of the wealthiest areas in Oklahoma City has been allowed to deteriorate to such a horrible condition.

Posted by: Scribe at 9:37 AM on 30 October 2005

I'd like to think that it's due to 63rd's position as a border between Oklahoma City and Nichols Hills, suggesting a lack of coordination between the two municipalities — but that doesn't explain why Western from 63rd to Wilshire isn't that bad.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:41 AM on 30 October 2005