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30 October 2005

Quote of the week

Commenter Merovign, on this Protein Wisdom thread:

Once upon a time, in the vast empty of history, offense was serious, and apology not taken lightly. A grave offense was cause for action, but could be forgiven if an apology was offered.

The problem is, at some point both offense and apology were trivialized by old children, in an unworkable attempt to make the world all balloons and puppies. And now offense is as common as dirt and apologies are seen as insufficient to allay the hurt.

So if you take offense, and no one gives a rat's ass, thatís why.

If anyone should be offended, it's the rats; their very asses are getting short shrift, if indeed any shrift at all.

Posted at 9:08 AM to QOTW

And then there are asses that should not be seen in public in a short shrift.

Posted by: Mr. Snitch! at 7:06 PM on 1 November 2005

Or a long one, for that matter. But with those -- whose motto seems to be "Let us bray" -- it's not so much the seeing as the hearing.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:35 PM on 1 November 2005