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1 November 2005

Lessons from life (one in a series)

It's not particularly difficult to toast an oven mitt the same way you'd warm up a flour tortilla, but there's no good reason to want to.

Posted at 6:29 PM to General Disinterest

And, in my experience, plenty of reasons to not...

Posted by: Punctilious at 7:52 AM on 2 November 2005

What the heck are you doing Charles, trying to burn Surlywood down? I thought that was one of the basics taught in Home Ec. Oven mitts are not for toasting just for help when toasting things in the oven. Was it a case of old timer's? (Been there, done that, did it again!)

Posted by: anomdragon at 3:46 PM on 2 November 2005

It was a case of "Damn, I thought I had a grip on that sumbitch."

Posted by: CGHill at 3:54 PM on 2 November 2005