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3 November 2005

Yeah, it's got a Hemi

Just what you don't need in your rear-view mirror: a Dodge Charger police cruiser, photographed in the very heart of Moparville: Auburn Hills, Michigan.

If it has the SRT-8 (425 hp) package, you're really screwed.

(Found at Jalopnik.)

Posted at 11:30 AM to Driver's Seat

About time somebody made a run on the Crown Vic Police Interceptor's near-monopoly.

I like Fords, but nobody stays at the top of his game without credible competition.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:28 PM on 3 November 2005

Simply confirms that Elwood knew what he was doing when he bought a car for the band.

Posted by: Eric at 1:39 PM on 3 November 2005