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3 November 2005

Senku very much

Saith the Professor:

Somebody told me the other day that a hybrid car [he's added a Toyota Highlander Hybrid to the family fleet] was a good "branding" thing for me, because I'm a "political hybrid" blogger. I'm not sure what that means, exactly, but it 's kind of cool. What I really am is a gadget-head, which made the hybrid more appealing — in fact, I realized that I now don't own a normal car at all: The Mazda has a rotary engine. Maybe I'm just odd. But at least I get good mileage!

Have I got a car for him.

Mazda's Senku, a concept shown at the 2005 Tokyo Auto Show, is, by golly, a rotary rocket with a hybrid powertrain. Like the RX-8, it's a 2+2, but it's about nine inches longer, which matters if you insist on sitting in the back seat, and half of the glass roof contains solar panels which can be used to recharge the battery pack.

Were I ten years younger and ten times wealthier, I'd put this at the very top of my want list. By no coincidence, that describes the InstaMan perfectly.

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