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5 November 2005

Lacking in essential Bobness

Just to make one thing crystal clear: "Bob" in this Jacqueline Passey post is not me.

Really. It isn't.

(Nor did commenter David Alexander grow up to be me, either, in case that's occurred to you.)

Posted at 4:00 PM to Table for One

Which one essential is lacking, then: the fantasizing part or idecision part?
I could understand the reflective "he who don't get involved don't get burned again" mode (that's been my own) - yours doesn't seem to be that, however.

And unless you assume we're too lazy to follow "about Chaz" link, why do you think would we take self-admitted "evil statist" barely post-virgin in 18-to 24 age group David Alexander to be you?

I can tell you this, though: ethereal fairies will turn into vengeful witches every time when subjected to conflicted expectations long enough. I'm not saying fairies do not exist, it's that their beauty appears on a different plane, more reality-rooted. But you should know that, in your "after 48" wisdom, shouldn't you?

Posted by: Tatyana at 6:12 PM on 5 November 2005

The getting of wisdom has proven to be a slower process than I might have hoped.

And I'm not quite sure whether I'm indecisive or not.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:34 PM on 5 November 2005

Men who believe women are ethereal fairies are bound to be disappointed.

Posted by: Rachel at 5:25 PM on 7 November 2005

True enough; I've always figured that the Next Level in any relationship comes when the participants are no longer desperate to conceal perfectly ordinary bodily functions. (Although being boastful about them, I suspect, is a negative indicator.)

Posted by: CGHill at 5:58 PM on 7 November 2005

A definite negative.

Posted by: Rachel at 2:49 PM on 8 November 2005